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Ziboxan® F80 is a versatile, multi-purpose xanthan gum, a superior emulsion stabilizer which provides excellent stability in dressings, sauces, dairy blends and beverages.  > Product Details [view/hide]

Ziboxan® F200 is a fine-mesh xanthan gum which hydrates quickly for ease of application in a variety of dry mixes and batters.  > Product Details [view/hide]

Ziboxan® F6070 is a low-dust xanthan gum which minimizes dust in production and provides easy dispersion.  > Product Details [view/hide]

Ziboxan® LD is a low-dust xanthan gum which minimizes dust in production and provides easy dispersion and excellent solubility due to its particle distribution. 
> Product Details

Ziboxan® RD is a pre-hydrated xanthan gum that disperses quickly and requires minimal mixing to hydrate.  > Product Details [view/hide]

Ziboxan® AF is an amylase-free xanthan gum which allows the use of starch in formulations.  > Product Details [view/hide]

Ziboxan® SF is a smooth flow, low-viscosity xanthan gum and texture modifier which is ideal for spray applications and salad dressings.  > Product Details [view/hide]

Ziboxan® BT is a xanthan gum which is easily dissolved in high salt systems—chili sauces, marinades, BBQ sauces, thickened soy sauces and relishes.  > Product Details [view/hide]

Ziboxan® FT is an ideal xanthan gum for products where high clarity is desired.  > Product Details [view/hide]
What is Xanthan?
    Deosen Xanthan Gum is a high molecular weight polysaccharide, produced through the fermentation of carbohydrates such as corn, using a microbe called... read more
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Uses for Xanthan Gum
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