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Deosen Xanthan Gum is backed by world class customer support. Our customers trust Deosen to meet their needs for:

Deosen Xanthan bullet Reliable supply from strategically sited offices and warehousing in major markets internationally
Deosen Xanthan bullet Logistics customized to meet specific customer needs
Deosen Xanthan bullet Xpert formulation assistance
Deosen Xanthan bullet Price quotations and order confirmation within 24 hours
Deosen Xanthan bullet Multilingual customer support -- English, Chinese, and Spanish
Deosen Xanthan bullet Excellent, reliable shipping and customs handling capabilities
Deosen Xanthan bullet Long-term purchase contracts, if desired
Deosen Xanthan bullet Flexible packaging options such as:
Deosen Xanthan bullet 20 or 25 kg paper bags
Deosen Xanthan bullet 25 kg cartons
Deosen Xanthan bullet 908 kg and 1 MT bulk bags
Deosen Xanthan bullet Custom packaging available upon request
What is Xanthan?
    Deosen Xanthan Gum is a high molecular weight polysaccharide, produced through the fermentation of carbohydrates such as corn, using a microbe called... read more
Find out more:
    Contact us to download technical data sheets, request samples or Ask the Xanthan Xpert.

Trust Deosen when quality, consistency, service and value are essential.
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